Year-Round [Marketing] Evergreen Wellness Plan

Evergreen is defined as : a plant that retains green leaves throughout the year and 2 : a 730 day plan complete with tips to be evergreen in every season; 365 days of the year!

Have you ever wanted to send wellness tips to your patients throughout the year, but seriously did not have the time or ability to make that happen?

Well, now you can! The Evergreen Wellness Plan is a 730 day wellness plan built to empower providers to engage patients 365 days of the year.

No matter when you’re enrolling your patients, select a start date of January 1. Your patients will receive wellness tips customized for every season: healthy tips for the holidays, how to get fit with the fam over summer break, ways to love yourself during the Valentine’s season, and so much more.

The Evergreen Wellness Plan ​​​​​is turn-key and ready to deploy to patients today. Once you enroll patients into the Evergreen Wellness Plan, patients will receive wellness tips and daily affirmations every couple of days. The plan is fully customizable so you can add any of your own collateral or information right into this year-round plan and use it for your own marketing purposes.

If you’re not using BodySite to guide your patients, try it free today and see how you can deliver better care, effortlessly and make your practice more profitable at the same time. Click on the Try it Free button to try it now.

If you have a BodySite account, copy this new plan into your libraries and enroll your patients today with a start date of January 1 (the January prior to today’s date) and start connecting with your patients in every season throughout the year!

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