Kudos for the BodySite Digital Health Guidance System

5e23f0_476c9642ad1349d080b8a5c6ba2dcb56Hi John,

You provide an excellent service, keep it up! I just forwarded your info to a colleague of mine who is looking to sign up.

Have a great 2018!

Dr. Glenn Harrison, Center of Functional Medicine, Colorado


“BodySite is exactly what the medical community needs and I love what all of you at BodySite are doing for me and my patients.  
BodySite is intuitive with it’s development and so user-friendly. It really helps me to be successful with my business.”
Beth Schroeder Nutrition Wellness Counseling


“Wow! BodySite is exactly what we need. Patients absolutely love it.”

Sabrina Lee, RN, Atlanta Weight Loss and Wellness

“BodySite has really been a lifesaver.” Jason Bradley – Epic Functional Medicine

“BodySite makes a World of Difference in our practice!”
Corinne Weaver – Upper Cervical Wellness

“We L-O-V-E BodySite!”  Pure Passion Wellness

“BodySite will change your practice.”  Dr. Aaron Gumm, Dallas, Texas

cima-wellness-11-of-602“BodySite.com is an answer to my prayers.
– Dr. James P. Cima D.C.
– Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

At a recent seminar, I signed up for BodySite.com so that I could keep track of my patients’ nutrition, exercise and body metrics. As I started to work with the BodySite.com platform, it was an answer to my prayers in so many ways. In addition to tracking a patient’s progress daily I can communicate with patients at will as needed.

I also now realize that this will save me many hours in the long run and I will need fewer one on one consultations. The nutritional programs are fantastic. Not only are all the meals and other information included in ready to use templates, you can also customize the programs with 100’s of meals to choose from. From meat eater, detox to vegan, this site has it all.

I would highly recommend this program to any provider who wants to save time and have better control of patient programs and progress.


“BodySite enables our clients to have a healthier, happier life.”

BodySite.com, as part of our weight loss programs, allows our clients complete control at their fingertips. They can access their meal plans, suggested exercise programs and and motivational information daily. They can track what they eat with the food journal which many of our clients find beneficial in keeping them on track.  And, our clients can send a secure message with questions they may have.

BodySite is user friendly and I feel it is very beneficial in enabling our clients to have a healthier, happier life.   Sharon – RejuvenateMD of Glen Allen, Virginia

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“Do yourself a favor. Subscribe to BodySite.com. This tool can be a great addition to your office.”
~ Chris Colgin, DC, San Francisco, CA
~ Member- Freedom Practice Coaching


I am a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Practitioner in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been in practice for 19 years and have NOTHING but great things to say about John Cummings and his BodySite.com cloud-based software.

I have been a subscriber to BodySite.com for over a year and I love it! It’s very easy to use and the tech support for both the doctor AND patient is outstanding.

BodySite.com allows my patients to log in and daily input their weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, pulse / heart rate, exercises as well as what they are eating and drinking so that I can see what they are doing and most importantly, see if they are being compliant with our Health and Wellness program recommendations.


“BodySite.com is a Home Run for my practice.”

Chester D. Graham, DC
Freedom Practice Coaching Member since 2013

From a doctor and nutritionist point of view, you can customize this product to do whatever you want regarding diets, exercise etc.

My patients look forward to the continuous contact and interaction. They receive it on their phones first thing in the morning and that will set the tone for the day.

The constant “drip” and connection to our patients while they go through the 28-day detox and after is one of my favorite features.

The patients love that they can contact us through the site and ask any questions regarding the diet or overall program, as often as they need to. We start off with a positive affirmation and diet tips followed by two or three recipes per day that come directly from a pre-selected Paleo guide that we’ve approved.

For our practice, BodySite has been a Home Run!

I Love BodySite

My workout plan is great and the food suggestions are easy to cook!!!  I’m happy to have a iPhone… It’s like to have a personal trainer with you all day long :-)

Patient Verena K.



“BodySite takes patient care to a whole new level.”
Gregory Zengo, MD

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.21.59 PMThe most exciting part of this national  convention was BodySite.com! Sign me up.

Dr. Richard Powers, Jensen Beach, FL