Selling Wellness Diet, and Exercise Plans Online Now Easier Than Ever!

The BodySite Wellness Plans Marketplace is open and selling your wellness plan, diet, fitness, exercise, weight loss or really ANY protocol is a piece of cake, so to speak.

You can now sell any plan in your plans library over the internet and we’ll handle the transaction for you. And, if you’ve created a special plan, you can share it with other providers and get paid each time they use it with their patients. Check it out . . .

It’s really simple too!  Open your plan settings, set a price and give the plan an appealing description using the rich text editor (including photos and video).  Then, in one click, you’ll have a sales page (see below example) with a unique web page address to use in email campaigns, on your blog, Facebook and more.

When a patient follows the link and buys the plan, BodySite handles the transaction for you and puts the money into your bank account minus a handling fee.  Patients are automatically enrolled, even if you’re asleep.

Check it out now. Open any plan in your library and edit the settings. You’ll need to spend one minute setting up the payment details and you’re ready to go. Here’s a quick video to show you how to sell your fitness plan, wellness protocol, diet plan, exercise plan, online, in under 5 minutes.

Selling your plans online is not a brand new concept but if you’re not already doing it because it’s just too difficult to set up a landing page, a payment system, a content delivery system, a patient/client tracking and messaging system, FitBit integration, private messaging and everything you need for a complete interactive ecosystem between your practice and your clients or patients, look no further.

sell-wellness-exercise-fitness-diet-weight-loss-plans-online-personal-training-coaching’s fully integrated wellness plans library system, easy but robust content builder, payment system, auto-enrollment, daily delivery and so much more, are hard to beat. And you can start with over 50 fully done plans, 1000s of meals, 100s of exercises and a database of 300,000 foods to build upon, right out of the box.

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