White Labeled App 3000

The All New Fully Native Lifestyle Guide 3.0 iPhone App


We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to build the BodySite platform and the new completely native BodySite Lifestyle Guide 3.0 app for iPhone. Now you can call the app your own too with our private label option! Android app included.

For just $3,000, we will completely re-program and re-skin the app as if you built it for your own practice.  Tell everyone what a great app you have for your practice and they can download YOUR app with your logo and app name from the iTunes store for iPhone and Google Play for Android devices. A monthly maintenance fee ensures that your version of the app will always get automatically updated as our core platform is enhanced.


Put the functionality of your BodySite provider account and your patients’ accounts in the palm of your hand and your patients’ hands in your own native app with your app icon in the iTunes Store and on Google Play.

App will be delivered 3 to 4 weeks after we receive just a few basic items that we’ll request from you after you order.  Get your order in right away as we’ll take orders on a first come first served basis and we expect very high demand for this new version of the app.  (If you already have the BodySite app private labeled, don’t sweat it. Upgrades are free and automatic as we release new versions.)

Think of having all of this functionality that you would only find in many separate softwares, in one app with your practice name, fully integrated with your BodySite account:

white labeled app
  • Your logo and your custom app name.
  • Custom app icon in the iTunes Store and on Google Play.
  • Your BodySite programs.
  • Easy in app enrollment of your patients.
  • Seamlessly integrated with your BodySite account with no migration, downtime or configuration. We do it all for you.
  • Includes all new patient food tracking functions
  • Patients track food with a new interface that includes macro breakdowns, net carbs, visually stunning and easy to use shortcuts and more.
  • Patients track steps, water, weight, journal, and private message you and your staff in real time through the app.
  • Include custom activity and body metrics from your account.
  • Receive PUSH notifications when you and your patients private message each other.
  • Respond in real time to patients.
  • All new Recent Activity dashboard shows you everything your patients are up to throughout the day in real time.
  • All program and patient information is available in your provider account when you access the app as provider.
  • iPhone and Android.  iPhone includes all new 3.0 features instantly.  Updates to both platforms included in the pricing.

Differentiate your practice. Get your own private labeled app today!