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The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP Protocol), an Anti-Inflammatory Paleo Diet Guide for the AIP Lifestyle

Autoimmune disease is a disease in which the body’s immune system attacks healthy cells. At BodySite, we are all about developing creative, digital solutions for health. For those who struggle with autoimmune disease, flareups, or inflammation, we have built a plan that offers creative solutions to preparing, cooking, and succeeding on the AIP protocol.

For Katrina, the Content Management Specialist at BodySite, an allergen-free diet hits close to home. “With my mom being both gluten-intolerant and diagnosed with Stage 3 Chronic Kidney disease over 2 years ago, I had to learn about restrictive diets and foods that prevented inflammation. We, as a family, chose that food would not be the boss of her, or us”, stated Katrina. Building the AIP diet gave us a glimpse into the lives of those that struggle with autoimmune disease. We don’t want FOOD to be the boss of those with autoimmune disease, either.

Autoimmune disease affects an estimated 50 million Americans. There are more than 100 confirmed autoimmune diseases, including Celiac, Crohn’s, Lyme, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and MS. Although autoimmune disease cannot be cured, it can go into remission. An AIP protocol helps to heal the intestines and reduce inflammation. Our 28-day plan includes 35+ entrees and 15+ breakfast recipes combined with 28 healthy living tips.
how-to-follow-autoimmune-aip-protocol-anti-inflammatory-paleo-diet-guide-lifestyle-foods-to-avoid-can-eatWe want to support the AIP journey as best as possible. Included on the plan are AIP tips, FAQ’s, a dining out guide, “yes” and “no” food cheat sheets (pictured below), pantry staples, shopping lists and more!

“Self care is not self indulgence. Self care is self respect.”

The best thing one can do is to plan ahead. Here are some gadgets that will help with meal prepping on the AIP Protocol. Having high-powered tools in the kitchen will make recipes and meal prep a little simpler:


The BodySite AIP protocol is meant to be used in conjunction with the advice of a provider. If you’re in practice and looking for an effective program to help your AI patients, you’ll find this template an indispensable resource as part of the BodySite Digital Health Guidance system.  Once you enroll patients into the AIP protocol, patients will receive a comprehensive DAILY guide to following the AIP lifestyle with recipes for each day, daily affirmations, answers to specific questions, shopping lists, and more. Patients can log on to your secure, private-labeled portal to access all of the materials and track their progress, food intake, activities, body metrics, keep a journal, send messages to you and more. And it’s all available in our all new native iPhone app, so patients can access it conveniently anywhere they go.

If you’re not using BodySite to guide your patients, try it free today and see how you can deliver better care, effortlessly and make your practice more profitable at the same time. Click on the Try it Free button to try it now.


The Importance of Educating Your Patients For Patient Compliance, Better Care and a More Profitable Practice

As patient care shifts to a proactive and preventive patient-centered paradigm rather than being driven by what is billable to insurance once people become ill, patients should be driving the type of care offerings you make available and, in turn, your patient marketing.  In this new world of healthcare, are you providing patients with enough education, support and communication?  Are you giving patients lifestyle guidance protocols that are going to help them get and stay healthy?  Wellness, not illness, is the new business model.  And if you’re not already switched over to this new type of care, patients are finding someone else to help them with their health and preventive care issues.  And profiting where you’re losing patients and money.

Better communication and support is the new expectation and develops mutual trust between the provider and the patient, creating a positive relationship for the patient, better outcomes and more revenue for you from retention, return business and patient referrals.

With the advancements in technology, the internet and mobile applications,  it’s too easy to keep patients engaged, informed and motivated to pass up this new opportunity in your practice. Technology offers providers the ability to monitor and track patient progress and to communicate them on a daily basis, digitally.

Give patients what THEY need right where they are and give it to them as often as daily. Don’t wait until 6 months from now or until the “see you next year” appointment. Engage patients now, with content, protocol specific daily guidance, supplement recommendations and more.

Here’s an example of what the functions of a website look like, that provide patients with a comprehensive support experience.

Are you using a portal that let’s your patients do all of this? If not, click on the link to try it for free. 

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes with Effective Meal Replacement Weight Loss Programs

Can you reverse type 2 diabetes with weight loss, diet and lifestyle change and get off medication?  The CDC seems to thinks you can.

What if ‘reversal’ at least means your patients will lose weight and go off medication and maybe STAY OFF medications if they engage in a lifestyle program. According to Ann Albright, PhD, RD, the director of diabetes translation at the CDC, shedding extra pounds and keeping them off can help you better control your blood sugar.  For some people, reaching a healthier weight will mean taking fewer medications, or in rarer cases, no longer needing those medications at all.

Hey doc, do you have a program for that? 

We are so excited to release our first condition-specific PREMIUM wellness plans: The KetoPaleoFast and PaleoFast programs, brought to you by Dr. Sage Haggard. This set of four programs will allow you to get your patients an excellent result at a great price for you and for them.  Please send an email to now to add these plans to your BodySite account. Watch the video first. :)

These programs are based on ketogenic and paleo diet principles with specific attention paid to the quality of the ingredients. They are also focused on primarily meal replacement shakes for 2 of the meals per day to make for easier patient compliance for better outcomes.

Please send an email to now to add these plans to your BodySite account.


BodySite Partners with InBody to Make Biometric Data More Accessible to Providers and Patients

West Palm Beach, FL (Health and Wellness Newswire) – March 1, 2017® , a best in class Digital Health Guidance System™, has announced a strategic partnership and integration with InBody USA, a world leader in body composition technology.

The alliance makes data from InBody Analyzers and the cutting edge InBody BAND™ available to health and wellness providers and their patients inside of the BodySite platform to help providers deliver better care and outcomes to guide patients to optimal wellness.

“By making advanced body composition data accessible with the InBody, we achieve our mission to provide physicians, dietitians, and fitness professionals with the tools to track progress and enhance patient care, ultimately empowering our clients to achieve their health goals. Our new partnership with the BodySite platform perfectly aligns with this mission,” said Meggan Brunette, Regional Manager.

The InBody BAND records essential health and fitness tracking metrics such as daily activity and sleep as you would expect from a fitness tracker. But what’s not expected is that the InBody BAND is a wearable fitness device that for the first time can measure body composition on the wrist.  Being able to track body fat percentage and muscle mass both on the scale and on the wrist means a patient’s progress toward not only optimal weight but also optimal body composition are both readily measurable and available instantly to the patient’s provider.

Integrating InBody BAND and InBody Analyzer data into BodySite’s robust patient content management and guidance platform enables providers to give more comprehensive health guidance based on more complete patient data. Using biometric measurements, providers get a better look at the metrics that matter and allows providers to make more informed recommendations.  According to BodySite founder John Cummings, “BodySite’s detailed wellness plan delivery system gives providers a way to do something meaningful with patient biometric data. Instead of just telling patients to “do better” with lifestyle choices, a provider can use BodySite to give the patient a complete roadmap to wellness that includes detailed and customized daily guidance. InBody data makes that experience more effective than ever.”

Patients can add their InBody data to BodySite for viewing by the provider by simply adding their InBody account to the new BodySite “My Connected Apps” page. When they do, information from InBody is synched instantly to the patient’s account and their provider’s account on BodySite, where a combined view of data from BodySite and other devices and apps, gives providers a broader look at the overall patient.

“There are literally hundreds of apps and devices to track steps and sleep but few devices provide meaningful details about what’s really happening with body composition” said BodySite’s  founder John Cummings .

For more information about how your practice or company can leverage the power of BodySite’s Digital Health Guidance System, leveraging data from InBody devices, please visit and try BodySite for free.

About BodySite:

BodySite is a cloud-based digital health guidance platform that allows providers to easily enroll patients into lifestyle and care programs on a private labeled portal so that patients receive comprehensive guidance, care information and support daily. Patients can track their progress, food intake, activities, keep a journal and interact with providers directly. Providers monitor all of this and guide patients proactively and in real time, enabling more care and support in a fraction of the time. To try BodySite at a special InBody price, visit

About InBody USA:

InBody is the global leader in body composition analysis. By leading the field with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to improvement and innovation, InBody has become the most trusted name in BIA body composition analysis. Recognizing that people today need ways to maintain and improve their health while living an active lifestyle, InBody has developed a new, user-friendly fitness wearable: the InBody BAND. The first of its kind, the InBody BAND is the world’s first fitness tracker that can analyze body composition. Instead of simply counting steps and calories, you can see actual changes happening in your body, like increases in muscle and decreases in fat. For the first time ever, you can see your hard work translate into real world results: anytime, anywhere.

InBody is committed to guiding the world to a fitter, healthier, and happier future. Take the first step with InBody, and see what you’re made of.

Try BodySite at a special InBody price and start doing something more meaningful for your patients, with more meaningful information:

Yoga Poses Guide Patients to Core Strength, Flexibility and Stress Reduction

Our bodies have natural tendency for self-healing and much of it relates to simple actions and mindsets. The practice of yoga is one of the most accessible and helpful ways your patients can core develop and maintain core strength, flexibility and also reduce stress and inflammation.

In addition to physical strength one of the reasons yoga is such a powerful tool in improving health and wellness for your patients is that it creates awareness and harmony in both the mind and body.

With 100 different schools of thought in yoga a typical beginner or basic session typically includes breathing exercises, meditation, and assuming postures (sometimes called asana or poses) that stretch and flex various muscle groups. There’s no need for your patients to feel intimidated about exercise but it’s one of the reasons for non-compliance and why patients don’t succeed or get on a path to wellness.

Here’s a very basic routine that your patients can accomplish at their own pace to take a few steps towards basic strength, flexibility and relaxation through a simple mind body connection. The connection is a natural result of the presence even basic yoga requires.

Physical Benefits

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality
  • Balancing metabolism
  • Reducing weight
  • Cardio and circulatory health
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Protection from injury

Mental Benefits

In addition to physical benefits of yoga, it helps a person manage their stress, which can have deleterious effects in both body and mind.  When people are stressed and not managing it properly, it can then manifest itself in countless ways, including neck or back pain, sleep inefficiency, substance abuse, and failure to concentrate, all of which can create a vicious cycle as daily failures to manage those issues create more stress and so on.  Yoga can be an excellent tool for patients to learn coping skills and break that cycle.

Everyone Can Do It.

All ages and activity levels can try yoga and start small, working their way up to more and more strength, flexibility and concentration to breathing and awareness.

If you want an easy way to guide patients through a plan for wellness that includes yoga, or other exercise and even a full plan for how to eat with lifestyle recommendations, consider using a digital health guidance system like to guide your patients between office visits.   You can try it free at
If you’re already using BodySite, simply copy our 12 Days of Stretching Plan inside of your wellness plans templates. Enjoy!

BodySite 3.0 First Look

As a loyalty discount to our existing clients, we want to offer you 4 free months of BodySite as we prepare to release BodySite 3.0.   Pay for 9 months and get 13 months of BodySite 3.0.   Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming in BodySite 3.0 next week.

Email and tell us if you want the annual loyalty discount.

Email and tell us if you want the annual loyalty discount.

Custom Meal Editor and Meal Plan Creator for Customized Meal Plan Creation

One or our favorite new features in BodySite 3.0 is the lightning fast meal creator which allows you to create recipes in your meals library in about 90 seconds. Watch this 90-second video and be sure to register for Wednesday’s webinar “First Look at BodySite 3.0” to see 101 other features and upgrades in the new BodySite digital health guidance platform.  Register for the webinar here. 


5 Things Your Practice is Missing for Better Profitability (And What To Do About It)

Professionals and Experts are Bad at Business Processes: Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants are just not trained to run businesses as entrepreneurs. Why? Because training in these professions is focused on skills and expertise, as it should be, but very little economics is taught, very little management is learned and once you start practicing, a busy practice leaves little time to catch up. Although we expect that our license and our expertise will just bring in the revenue, it’s usually not that easy.
There are some simple things you can do to create a profitable practice that generates more income per patient while giving patients much more care than you’re giving them now:

The 5 Things:

  1. Reduce the number of care offerings
  2. Create simple processes all staff can follow easily
  3. Don’t delegate those processes prematurely
  4. Don’t miss indirect referrals and revenue
  5. Offer care that is holistic to the patient AND your business.

Focus on these things and differentiate your practice with better patient communication to create loyalty, longer patient life cycles, referrals and revenue.

Watch the video above for more detail and if you’re interested in a software solution that helps you implement these ideas, take advantage of a special price on this page only:

American Medical Association Encourages Frequent Web-Based Patient Support for Successful Weight Loss


Are you touching your patients often enough? People who lose weight and want to keep it off benefit from frequent personal contact and interventions, researchers recently reported at the American Heart Association’s Conference on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism.  Results of the study are also published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

In a test of 3 ways to help people maintain weight loss, those who received frequent personal counseling were best at keeping off unwanted pounds. 

“We know how to help people lose weight in a healthy way, but we know very little about how to help them to keep the weight off,” said Laura P. Svetkey, M.D, lead author of the study and professor of medicine at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C. “This study is the longest and largest to test strategies for long-term weight loss maintenance, and it suggests that long-term weight control is an achievable goal” with continuous support and contact. 

Despite the importance of obesity control, few studies have tested strategies to maintain weight loss over long periods. In the study, counselors helped participants use tools like self-monitoring and goal-setting, and also provided study members with support.

77% of participants who talked with an interventionist monthly, who provided counseling and encouragement, weighed less at the end of 30 months, compared to only 67% in the group of self-directed patients.  

Frequent follow up, combined with tracking and other tools, is the best solution for preventing obesity and maintaining weight loss. If you’re not already using a web-based solution that combines technology for patient accountability with an automatic patient education and support mechanism, check out’s platform, which does all of this, and more, with less work than you and your staff are currently doing.  Try BodySite free.