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Nokia Withings Scales Integration Now Available on BodySite Digital Health for Better Tracking and Compliance

Do your patients weigh themselves? Do patients journal or log their weight so you can monitor weight loss or weight gain or body composition?  Often even the patients who do weigh themselves, aren’t keeping track of it.  One of the biggest complaints we hear from doctors is they don’t have an easy way to get patients’ weight data. Many health care providers, nurses, coaches find they can only keep a handle on patient progress when patients come in and step on the scale in the clinic, which isn’t every day, or even every week, or month.

With connected health devices, patients with WiFi or bluetooth enabled scales simply need to step on their scale at home and your office gets the information immediately in your BodySite account. And Nokia scales start as low as $59 compared to the Aria scales for Fitbit which are priced starting at $129 and might be too rich for many patients. But we leave that choice up to you and your patients. BodySite’s already existing integration with FitBit allows your patients or clients to use Aria scales with their FitBit app or Nokia Withings scales, which integrate through the Nokia HealthMate app.

Patient integration is a piece of cake. Patients hit the connected health apps page on their BodySite account settings and click Authorize Nokia . . .


Then give Nokia permission to access the Nokia HealthMate app data . . .


and all Nokia weight measurements are synced to BodySite every time a patient weighs him or herself for viewing by the patient and the provider. And each Nokia log is identified separately from entries entered by patient or practitioner.


BodySite’s integration with the new Nokia line of scales, including their Withings, Body, Body Plus + and many other devices that integrate with the Nokia HealthMate app adds to BodySite’s growing set of integrations of food, body, activity and connected health tracking within the BodySite ecosystem. With Fitbit integration that includes all Fitbit wearables and Aria Scales, InBody integration for in-office weight and body composition as well as the Nokia and Withings scales, BodySite is a leading patient feedback management source for busy healthcare providers.

We know how hard providers work to educate patients and we’ve worked hard to make BodySite’s content management and delivery system best in class. With patient tracking, monitoring and feedback tools, BodySite seeks to make patient and client care easier and easier so providers can see and help more patients in less time, all while delivering better results and outcomes for patients and clients.

Tell your patients to get on their Nokia, Withings or Aria scale at home and make weight tracking easier than ever for patient and provider, right inside BodySite.

Here are some of the scales your patients can now use at home and automatically synch to your BodySite provider account.


Nokia Body BMI WiFi


Nokia Body+ Composition


Fitbit Aria2 WiFi SmartScale

Are you using BodySite yet?


The Best Food Tracker Just Landed Right In Your Own App on BodySite!

The food tracker your patients want and that your practice needs for better patient compliance is available to you right inside your own BodySite provider account and app. You already know BodySite guides your patients through care protocols and lifestyle changes. And we’ve always had a food tracker for patients to log and journal meals.

Today, we are happy to unveil a new food tracker to further enhance compliance, patient engagement and guidance. There are a hundred little tweaks and improvements throughout the new food tracking and meal building functions, but here’s quick overview of the most important new stuff that’s live, and what’s coming in the next 3 weeks.

New Food Tracker Has Largest Food Database and Natural Language Search on web and in native iPhone app.

The BodySite food search now consists of nearly 631,000 grocery items, 137,000 restaurant items and 26,000 common Foods, with photos and user-friendly ordering of results. And you can simply type in whatever you like, and we’ll find it, like  “I had strawberries for breakfast.”


Patients track food in a completely intuitive  daily tracking interface for easy food logging to match the BodySite native iPhone app.

Easily add foods with the +Add Food prompt in each meal and then view your entire day at a glance, including macro breakdown to see percentages of each macronutrient consumed so far, including a net carb calculator and nutrition facts label for the daily consumption. Use quick tools to create a saved meal from the foods already tracked or to delete all foods in a meal.


View the same macro breakdown for each meal where food is tracked with a quick view of what foods are already in that meal . . .


View the same macro breakdown for each FOOD too . . .  


Recent and Favorite Foods and Saved Meals make tracking of frequently tracked foods a breeze . . .


Calorie Goal – set manually or calculate automatically

Not everyone wants to count calories or set a calorie goal, but it should be easy to do if someone wants to, so we added it! Using the updated Harris Benedict calculation, we can calculate the calorie goal based on age, sex, height and weight or patients can override it and set their own calorie goal both on the web and in the app.


Coming in a couple of weeks, we’re adding a set of features that will make your BodySite food tracker your patient’s new favorite food journal. They’re literally going to stop using the other apps, which is great for you and your ability to guide them and monitor what they’re doing.

Track by Photo – Add photos and notes to each meal to show what you actually ate

Let’s face it. Your clients are always holding a camera (phone) in their hand at every meal.  If they can share it on Instragram, they ought to show their doctor or coach too, right?


And there’s more on the way:

  • Add Your Own Foods – Can’t find it in our database of of 800,000 foods? Add your own!
  • Macro Goal – set manually and compare to actual consumption
  • Quick Add Tools – add yesterday’s breakfast or anything usually eaten, in a click
  • Meal Creator – patients can create meals to track later
  • Recipe Builder – scrape recipes from across the web, store them and track them

BodySite has every feature you need to effortlessly and comprehensively guide your patients between office visits and monitor everything they’re eating, doing, and even thinking. Guidance, tracking, monitoring, management. All in one.  Try it free today.