Nokia Withings Scales Integration Now Available on BodySite Digital Health for Better Tracking and Compliance

Do your patients weigh themselves? Do patients journal or log their weight so you can monitor weight loss or weight gain or body composition?  Often even the patients who do weigh themselves, aren’t keeping track of it.  One of the biggest complaints we hear from doctors is they don’t have an easy way to get patients’ weight […]


The Best Food Tracker Just Landed Right In Your Own App on BodySite!

The food tracker your patients want and that your practice needs for better patient compliance is available to you right inside your own BodySite provider account and app. You already know BodySite guides your patients through care protocols and lifestyle changes. And we’ve always had a food tracker for patients to log and journal meals. Today, […]

Customize Wellness Plans, Sell Diets and Plans Online, Give Patients Mindfulness and More

The BodySite Digital Health Guidance System has recently launched so many new features and so much new content, we’re wondering if you knew about all of it! If you missed our webinar on November 16, that’s alright; we recorded it live for you! This 40-minute webinar covers many of the new features at BodySite. Check out the topics […]

Stress Reduction and Optimal Health Through Mindfulness and the Power of Presence

Is mindfulness the new kale? It’s on the cover of Time Magazine. The NFL and the NBA have instilled meditation into their sports psychology programs because they have found it helps players focus on the moment in front of them and stops negative self talk. Even the Mayo clinic is now prescribing 15 minutes of mindfulness […]


Year-Round [Marketing] Evergreen Wellness Plan

Evergreen is defined as 1 : a plant that retains green leaves throughout the year and 2 : a 730 day plan complete with tips to be evergreen in every season; 365 days of the year! Have you ever wanted to send wellness tips to your patients throughout the year, but seriously did not have the time or ability to […]

Merging Plans on BodySite

Are you interested in “merging” two plans from your BodySite Account? Here’s how you can do it: Go to your Template Plans in the Plans library and select the plan you want another plan added INTO by clicking “Edit Plan“. 2. Once you are in the editing view, select “Import Plan Day“. 3. You will […]


7 Tips For a Happy, Healthier Halloween

Halloween Survival Guide You already know what Halloween is all about: costumes, pumpkins, candy and often unhealthy snacks. This year, be prepared so you and your family don’t hit a giant sugar crash on November 1. 1. Procrastination Is Good On Halloween Buy candy for the trick-or-treaters last minute so it’s not sitting in your […]