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New on BodySite: Unlimited Staff Accounts

Many of our providers have reached out expressing their desire for multiple logins for the same provider account. This makes your staff account management and access (to keep up your already great HIPAA compliance protocols) a snap.  And so, we listened! You can now add everyone on your entire staff and team to your account with their own log ins.  At no additional cost!

Here’s where you can actually do it:




We have made it so every staff member in your office can log in with his or her own email address and do everything you can do but with their own profile photo and message conversations. Your primary provider account will be able to see all communications with patients, but a staff person can only see the messages he or she is involved in.


Select “Add a New Team Member +” and you will be prompted to fill out the staff person’s information. They will receive an email to activate their account. Your primary account and UNLIMITED additional staff accounts are included in your BodySite subscription. Enroll everyone!


Try it now on the Patients page or on your Account Settings under the new Team settings then go check out everyone on your team!