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BodySite Launches 
New Digital Health Guidance App

BodySite Launches Native iOS App To Empower Providers To Provide Better Care

BodySite, a leading digital health guidance system, has launched the BodySite Lifestyle Guide 3.0 native app for iPhone. Health care professionals can now provide better care to patients right from the palm of their hand, using digital guidance.


Patients can follow a diet, exercise or wellness plan selected by their provider, right in the app. Users can log calories and track activity including exercise, steps, water, weight, and sleep. Food tracking includes macro breakdowns, net carbs, and easy to use shortcuts.

The app gives providers the ability to view their patients’ wellness journey in one complete picture. Providers can access all data and activity tracked by their patient right in the app. The BodySite Lifestyle Guide app comes stocked with 50+ wellness plans and includes an easy in-app client enrollment process. And providers can easily communicate with patients in realtime using the app’s messaging system and push notifications.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, patients are five times more likely to diet and exercise if their doctor tells them to do so. An easy-to-use app gives providers the ability to guide their patient, digitally. John Cummings, CEO and Founder of BodySite stated “we want this app to empower health care professionals to provide better care to patients through digital guidance.”


To date, BodySite has been used by 1,000+ providers and over 100,000 patients. All BodySite users have access to their account in the new BodySite Lifestyle Guide mobile app. Find it now in the iTunes app store. Providers, together with BodySite’s mobile app, can create impactful lifestyle change. The app is available for white-labeling for all health care professionals. If interested, click here.