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Modern Medicine: Using the Internet and SmartPhone Technology to Upgrade Your Wellness Practice for Better Medical Care


Is your medical, wellness, anti-agining or weight loss practice leveraging internet and smart phone technology to provide the highest level of care to your patents? Although most patients want advice from their doctors about weight loss and wellness (and are 5 times more likely to follow that advice when it comes from their doctors), only 1 in 3 doctors prescribe wellness programs that include diet, exercise and lifestyle change recommendations.  Why is that?

Well, frankly, most doctors are not trained to give out exercise, diet and lifestyle change advice. Medical training for decades focused on prescription medications and leveraging pharmacotherapy as the primary means of treatment. And “treatment” is probably the word that caused all of the trouble. It’s reactive to “treat” someone for a condition they already have. That’s why there’s been such a big shift in recent years to a preventive medicine approach, giving birth to a boom in anti-aging, concierge medicine, first line therapy and so many other types of care that treat the person.

Most comorbid conditions that overweight or obese patients face can be reduced or eliminated with even modest weight loss. Doctors need to become better equipped to provide wellness and preventive care in order to address the growing epidemic of overweight and obesity.

Here’s one tool that makes it possible for doctors to give comprehensive exercise, diet and wellness information to patients as often as daily to actually support lifestyle change, instead of medicating ailments. This solution removes the barrier of time and effort and provides a turnkey way for a doctor to provide better care to patients, in less time, and potentially become much more efficient and profitable too.

Nearly 36% of people in the U.S. (80 million) are obese. By 2030, that number may grow to almost 42%. Obesity contributes to diabetes, heart disease and stroke and the medical costs to treat these and other related diseases could soon be over $300 billion a year.  Study after study shows that even small changes in exercise and diet habits can reduce or eliminate all of these problems, yet the number of overweight people continues to rise. America has a “big” problem.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of medical and wellness professionals who are uniquely positioned to help are starting to realize that helping patients requires more than just medicine and that a more complete solution involving diet and exercise guidance is needed. Most doctors don’t have that solution at their fingertips but are looking for a way to figure it out. BodySite Wellness (“BodySite”) is that solution.

Using BodySite’s one-of-a-kind web platform, a doctor’s office can provide a comprehensive plan for diet, exercise, weight loss or any treatment protocol, to an unlimited number of patients and charge any price. Plans can include exercise photos and videos, dietary guidelines and any custom content desired by the doctor to support the doctor’s care and treatment of the patient.

Every day, patients receive their doctor’s advice and guidance on the web, by email and by text message. As a result, a doctor can provide better care and help patients overcome their health problems in a way not otherwise possible. Doctors can earn new profits from this solution too, with very little additional effort on their part, which is critical to the survival of a robust medical profession. To use the BodySite Wellness platform, doctors simply pay a low monthly subscription fee to participate and charge patients as they see fit.

Learn more about leveraging internet and smartphone technology to provide better care and run a better wellness or weight loss practice.